Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight (2012)

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Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight: A Mathematical Adventure

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure as Team Umizoomi and Dora the Explorer join forces for the first time in Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight! This educational and entertaining game brings together the beloved characters from two popular children’s shows, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for young learners.

A Mathematical Quest with Dora and Team Umizoomi

The game follows Dora the Explorer and her best friend Boots as they embark on a thrilling quest to find the missing pieces of a magnificent air-ship. Along the way, they encounter the mighty math heroes of Team Umizoomi: Milli, Geo, and Bot. Together, they must use their combined skills in math, problem-solving, and exploration to overcome challenges and soar through the skies.

Educational Gameplay for Young Minds

Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight is designed to make learning fun and engaging for young children. Throughout the game, kids will encounter a variety of math concepts integrated into the gameplay, including counting, measurement, shapes, and patterns.

As they help Team Umizoomi and Dora collect the missing air-ship pieces, children will practice counting objects and solving simple math problems. They will also learn about different shapes and sizes by identifying and matching the pieces to their corresponding slots on the air-ship. Additionally, the game introduces concepts of measurement as players compare the sizes of objects and estimate distances.

Exploring the World with Dora

In addition to its educational value, Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight also offers a captivating exploration experience. Players will journey through a variety of colorful and interactive environments, including a lush forest, a bustling city, and a sparkling underwater kingdom.

Along the way, they will encounter friendly characters, solve puzzles, and discover hidden secrets. The game’s vibrant graphics and lively soundtrack create a truly immersive experience that will keep kids engaged and entertained.

Key Features of Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight:

  • Unite Team Umizoomi and Dora: Experience a unique crossover adventure featuring beloved characters from two popular children’s shows.

  • Educational Gameplay: Learn math concepts like counting, measurement, shapes, and patterns through fun and interactive challenges.

  • Exploration and Adventure: Journey through diverse environments, solve puzzles, and discover hidden secrets alongside Dora and Team Umizoomi.

  • Character Customization: Create personalized avatars to represent players in the game, adding a touch of individuality to the adventure.

  • Replayability: With multiple levels and challenges, Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight offers hours of replayability for continued learning and entertainment.


Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight is an exceptional game that combines the educational value of Team Umizoomi with the adventurous spirit of Dora the Explorer. It’s a perfect choice for parents and educators looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to math and problem-solving skills. With its vibrant graphics, captivating gameplay, and lovable characters, Team Umizoomi & Dora’s Fantastic Flight is sure to provide countless hours of educational entertainment for the whole family.

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