The Frostrune (2017)

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The Frostrune: A Journey Through Viking Myth and Legend

Released in 2017, The Frostrune is a point-and-click adventure game that immerses players in the rich tapestry of Viking myth and legend. Developed by Icelandic studio Northplay, the game boasts historically accurate Norse culture and environments, inviting players to unravel a compelling mystery inspired by ancient tales.


The Frostrune follows the journey of Liv, a young Viking woman who embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious disappearance. Guided by the enigmatic runes left behind by her father, Liv traverses treacherous landscapes, encounters Norse gods and mythical creatures, and delves into the heart of Viking lore to solve the riddles that lie before her.


As a point-and-click adventure, The Frostrune presents players with a variety of puzzles and challenges that require exploration, observation, and interaction with the environment. Players must carefully examine their surroundings, collect items, and engage in conversations with characters to progress through the story.

The game features a diverse range of puzzles, from deciphering ancient runes to solving environmental riddles. The puzzles are well-integrated into the narrative, providing a sense of accomplishment and discovery as players uncover the secrets of the Viking world.

Setting and Atmosphere

The Frostrune is set in a meticulously recreated Viking world, with stunning environments that evoke the harsh beauty of the Norse landscape. From windswept fjords to snow-capped mountains, the game’s visuals immerse players in the authentic atmosphere of the Viking Age.

The game’s soundtrack is equally evocative, featuring a haunting blend of traditional Norse instruments and modern compositions. The music creates a sense of mystery and wonder, perfectly complementing the game’s captivating story and setting.


Liv, the protagonist of The Frostrune, is a strong and resourceful young woman who is determined to uncover the truth about her father’s disappearance. Throughout her journey, she encounters a cast of memorable characters, including enigmatic gods, cunning tricksters, and wise elders.

Each character is fully realized, with unique motivations and personalities. Their interactions with Liv add depth to the story and provide insights into the complex social dynamics of the Viking Age.

Historical Accuracy

One of the most striking aspects of The Frostrune is its commitment to historical accuracy. The game’s developers consulted with historians and experts on Viking culture to ensure that the game’s setting, characters, and events are faithful to the historical record.

From the clothing and architecture to the religious beliefs and social customs, The Frostrune provides a window into the fascinating world of the Vikings. This attention to detail adds a layer of authenticity and educational value to the game.


Beneath its engaging story and immersive setting, The Frostrune explores several profound themes that resonate with players. These include the power of family, the importance of tradition, and the search for identity.

Through Liv’s journey, players are invited to reflect on the bonds that unite us, the value of our heritage, and the challenges we face in finding our place in the world.


The Frostrune received critical acclaim upon its release, with reviewers praising its compelling story, stunning visuals, and historically accurate setting. The game was nominated for several awards, including the Nordic Game Awards for Best Adventure Game and the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Visual Art.

Players also embraced The Frostrune, with many citing its immersive atmosphere, engaging puzzles, and well-developed characters as highlights. The game has a strong following among fans of point-and-click adventures and those interested in Viking culture and history.


The Frostrune is a masterfully crafted point-and-click adventure that transports players to the heart of Viking myth and legend. With its stunning visuals, historically accurate setting, and compelling story, the game offers a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a fan of adventure games, Viking culture, or simply great storytelling, The Frostrune is a must-play.

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