The Wizard and the Princess (1980)

by Christopher
4 minutes read


In the magical land of Serenia, a brave wanderer faces off against an evil wizard to rescue Princess Priscilla. Will you unravel the mysteries and claim victory?


Ahoy, adventurers! Prepare to step into the enchanted realm of The Wizard and the Princess. In this early gem of interactive storytelling, you’ll unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and face off against a malevolent sorcerer.


The land of Serenia trembles under the tyranny of Harlin, who has imprisoned Princess Priscilla within his mountain castle. King George offers half his kingdom to anyone brave enough to confront the wizard and rescue his daughter. As a plucky wanderer, you heed the call and set forth on a perilous journey.


Meet iconic characters like the resourceful wanderer, the enigmatic Princess Priscilla, and the cunning wizard Harlin. Each encounter reveals new secrets and challenges.


Navigate through vividly illustrated scenes, make choices, and collect items. But beware—the wrong decision can lead to a dead end! The game’s puzzles demand wit and intuition.


So, don your adventurer’s cloak, wield your imagination, and embark on a quest that echoes through the annals of gaming history. May your wits be your compass and your courage your sword!

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