Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (2010)

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: A New Era of Golf Simulation

Released in 2010, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 marked a significant turning point in the popular golf simulation video game series. For the first time, Tiger Woods himself was not featured on the cover, paving the way for a new generation of golfers to take center stage.

Authentic Golfing Experience

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 delivers an incredibly immersive and realistic golfing experience. The game boasts stunning graphics that bring the lush fairways, pristine greens, and challenging hazards to life. The physics engine accurately simulates the flight of the ball, taking into account factors such as wind, spin, and terrain.

Players can choose from a wide range of real-world golf courses, each with its own unique challenges and characteristics. Whether you’re navigating the treacherous slopes of St. Andrews or the rolling hills of Pebble Beach, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 offers a diverse and authentic golfing experience.

Expanded Roster and Career Mode

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 introduces a roster of 20 licensed PGA Tour professionals, including fan favorites such as Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, and Camilo Villegas. Each golfer has their own unique swing style, strengths, and weaknesses, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

The career mode in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is more comprehensive than ever before. Players start as an amateur and must work their way up the ranks, competing in tournaments and earning experience points to improve their skills. As they progress, they can unlock new equipment, sponsorships, and opportunities to compete in prestigious events.

Innovative Gameplay Features

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 introduces several innovative gameplay features that enhance the overall experience. The “True Aim” system allows players to precisely control the direction of their shots, taking into account the slope and wind conditions. The “Shot Shape” feature enables players to curve the ball, adding an extra layer of strategy to their gameplay.

The game also features a variety of online multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other in real-time. Players can participate in tournaments, stroke play, and match play, testing their skills against golfers from around the world.

Critical Acclaim

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 received widespread critical acclaim upon its release. Reviewers praised the game’s realistic gameplay, stunning graphics, and expanded roster. Many considered it to be the best golf simulation game on the market at the time.

The game was nominated for several awards, including “Sports Game of the Year” at the 2010 Golden Joystick Awards. It also received high review scores from major gaming publications:

  • IGN: 9.0/10
  • GameSpot: 8.5/10
  • Eurogamer: 9/10


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 remains a highly regarded golf simulation game, even over a decade after its release. Its realistic gameplay, immersive graphics, and innovative features continue to attract golfers of all skill levels.

The game also marked a turning point in the PGA Tour series, as it paved the way for future installments to feature a wider range of golfers on the cover. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 remains a testament to the enduring popularity of golf simulation games and the legacy of one of the greatest golfers of all time.

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