Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop (1992)

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Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop is a video game released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Sega Genesis. The game is based on the popular Tiny Toon Adventures animated television series, and it allows players to create their own cartoons starring their favorite characters.

The game features a variety of tools that players can use to create their cartoons, including a drawing tool, a music editor, and a sound effects library. Players can also choose from a variety of backgrounds and settings, and they can add captions to their cartoons to tell a story.

Once players have created their cartoons, they can save them to a cartridge or disk and share them with their friends. The game also includes a number of pre-made cartoons that players can watch for inspiration.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop is a side-scrolling platformer game. Players control one of the six Tiny Toon characters as they travel through a variety of levels, collecting items and avoiding enemies. The game features a variety of different gameplay elements, including platforming, puzzle-solving, and boss battles.

The game’s levels are based on different locations from the Tiny Toon Adventures TV series, such as Acme Looniversity, Elmyra’s house, and Plucky’s Treehouse. Each level is filled with a variety of enemies, such as goons, robots, and even some of the Tiny Toons’ own friends.

Players must use their wits and agility to overcome the obstacles in each level. They can use their character’s unique abilities to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and collect items. For example, Buster Bunny can use his super speed to run past enemies, while Plucky Duck can use his propeller hat to fly over obstacles.

The game also features a number of boss battles. At the end of each world, players must face off against a powerful boss character, such as Montana Max or Elmyra Duff. These boss battles are challenging, but they can be defeated with the right strategy.


  • Create your own cartoons starring your favorite Tiny Toon characters.
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds, settings, and situations.
  • Add music, sound effects, and captions to tell your story.
  • Save your cartoons to a cartridge or disk and share them with your friends.
  • Watch a number of pre-made cartoons for inspiration.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop was a critical and commercial success. The game was praised for its innovative gameplay, its charming graphics, and its kid-friendly appeal. The game was also a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop is still considered one of the best video games based on a TV show. The game is a fun and creative way for kids to learn about animation and storytelling.


Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop has had a lasting impact on the video game industry. The game’s innovative gameplay has inspired a number of other games, such as Mario Paint and WarioWare. The game has also helped to popularize the concept of user-generated content, which is now a major part of the video game industry.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop is a classic video game that is still enjoyed by fans today. The game’s innovative gameplay, charming graphics, and kid-friendly appeal make it a timeless classic.

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