Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low (1989)

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Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low (1989)


Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low is a platformer video game developed by Hi-Tech Expressions and published by Hi-Tech Software for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was released in North America in 1989 and in Europe in 1990. The game is based on the popular cartoon series of the same name and features the two main characters, Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse.


The player takes control of Jerry and must navigate five levels while collecting every piece of cheese. The levels are side-scrolling and feature a variety of obstacles, such as spikes, pits, and enemies. Tom is also present in the levels and will try to catch Jerry. The player can avoid Tom by jumping over him or ducking under him. The player can also use the environment to get rid of Tom temporarily, such as by dropping a bowling ball on his head or by making him slip on a prepared floor.

In addition to the main levels, there are also bonus levels that can be accessed by collecting keys. The bonus levels are behind-the-shoulder perspective levels in which Jerry must run through a tunnel while collecting cheese and avoiding dynamite or bombs.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low are colorful and detailed. The characters are well-animated and the backgrounds are varied and interesting. The music is catchy and fits the tone of the game.


The controls in Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low are simple and easy to learn. The D-pad is used to move Jerry around and the A button is used to jump. The B button can be used to throw objects or to use special abilities.


Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low is a challenging game, but it is also fair. The levels are well-designed and the difficulty curve is gradual. The game is also forgiving, as Jerry has unlimited lives.


Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low was a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide. It was also well-received by critics, who praised the game’s graphics, gameplay, and challenge. The game was nominated for Best Platform Game at the 1989 Golden Joystick Awards.


Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low is considered to be one of the best platformers on the NES. It is a fun and challenging game that is sure to appeal to fans of the cartoon series and platforming games alike. The game has been re-released on several platforms over the years, including the Wii Virtual Console and the Nintendo Switch Online service.


Tom & Jerry: Hunting High and Low is a classic platformer that is still enjoyed by gamers today. The game’s charming graphics, catchy music, and challenging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

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