Tournament of Legends (2010)

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Tournament of Legends: A Unique and Exciting Fighting Game

Released in 2010 for the Wii, Tournament of Legends is a unique and exciting fighting game that combines traditional fighting gameplay with puzzle-based elements. The game features ten playable characters based on Graeco-Roman mythology, each with their own unique weapons and abilities.


Tournament of Legends is played using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Players gesture using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to initiate horizontal and vertical attacks. Button inputs allow the character to dodge, block, charge, and use special attacks.

To win a match, the player must defeat the opponent three times in two 90-second rounds. Breaks are allowed for fighters to regenerate armor and health.


The ten playable characters in Tournament of Legends are:

  • Achilles – A Greek warrior known for his strength and courage. He wields a sword and shield.
  • Atlas – A Titan who holds up the heavens. He wields a giant stone club.
  • Cyclops – A one-eyed giant with incredible strength. He wields a giant boulder.
  • Hades – The god of the underworld. He wields a pitchfork and can summon the dead to his aid.
  • Hercules – A demigod known for his strength and courage. He wields a club and can use his fists to attack.
  • Medusa – A Gorgon who can turn her opponents to stone with her gaze. She wields a sword and shield.
  • Poseidon – The god of the sea. He wields a trident and can control water.
  • Zeus – The king of the gods. He wields a thunderbolt and can control lightning.
  • Ares – The god of war. He wields a sword and shield.
  • Athena – The goddess of wisdom and war. She wields a spear and shield.

Puzzle Elements

In addition to traditional fighting gameplay, Tournament of Legends also features puzzle elements. These elements are incorporated into the game’s stages, which are filled with traps and obstacles. Players must use their wits to overcome these obstacles and defeat their opponents.

Motion Controls

Tournament of Legends is one of the first fighting games to use motion controls. The motion controls are intuitive and add a new level of depth to the combat. Players can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to perform a variety of attacks, including punches, kicks, and throws.


Tournament of Legends received positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its unique gameplay, innovative use of motion controls, and beautiful graphics. However, the game was also criticized for its short length and lack of online multiplayer.


Tournament of Legends is a unique and innovative fighting game that has left a lasting legacy on the genre. The game’s use of motion controls and puzzle elements has inspired other fighting games, such as the Super Smash Bros. series.


Tournament of Legends is a fun and exciting fighting game that offers a unique blend of traditional fighting gameplay and puzzle elements. The game’s innovative use of motion controls and beautiful graphics make it a must-play for fans of the fighting game genre.

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