Twisted Metal (1995)

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Twisted Metal (1995): The Original Vehicular Combat Classic

Released in 1995 for the original PlayStation, Twisted Metal was an instant classic that defined the vehicular combat genre. With its over-the-top action, iconic characters, and addictive gameplay, it quickly became a fan favorite and spawned a long-running series.


Twisted Metal is an arena-based vehicular combat game in which players choose from a roster of 12 unique vehicles, each with its own driver and special move. The goal of the game is to destroy all of your opponents and be the last car standing.

The game takes place in a variety of arenas, each with its own unique hazards and obstacles. Players must use their driving skills and weapons to navigate the arenas and take out their opponents. Weapons range from simple machine guns to homing missiles and even nuclear bombs.

In addition to the standard deathmatch mode, Twisted Metal also features a number of other game modes, including:

  • Story Mode: A single-player campaign that follows the story of each of the game’s characters.
  • Time Attack: A mode in which players race against the clock to complete laps around a track.
  • Endurance: A mode in which players must survive for as long as possible against an endless horde of enemies.


One of the things that makes Twisted Metal so memorable is its cast of iconic characters. Each character has their own unique backstory and motivation for competing in the Twisted Metal tournament. Some of the most popular characters include:

  • Sweet Tooth: A psychotic clown who drives an ice cream truck armed with machine guns and missiles.
  • Axel: A former stuntman who drives a souped-up muscle car.
  • Mr. Grimm: A grim reaper who drives a hearse.
  • Outlaw: A bounty hunter who drives a dune buggy.
  • Hammerhead: A giant robot that drives a tank.


Twisted Metal was a critical and commercial success, and it quickly became one of the most popular games on the PlayStation. It spawned a number of sequels and spin-offs, and it remains a popular game today.

The game’s success is due in part to its innovative gameplay, which combined elements of racing, combat, and strategy. It also featured a dark and twisted sense of humor that appealed to many gamers.

Twisted Metal is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time. It is a classic that still holds up today, and it is a must-play for any fan of vehicular combat games.

Additional Details

  • Developer: SingleTrac
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 14, 1995
  • Platforms: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
  • Sales: Over 1 million copies worldwide

Review Scores

  • IGN: 8.5/10
  • GameSpot: 8/10
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly: 9/10


  • Game of the Year (1995) – Electronic Gaming Monthly
  • Best Vehicular Combat Game (1995) – IGN

Fun Facts

  • The game’s soundtrack was composed by Rob Zombie.
  • The game was originally going to be called “Carmageddon.”
  • The game’s cover art was inspired by the movie “Mad Max.”

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