Wizorb (2011)

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Wizorb stands out as a creative fusion of arcade and RPG genres, offering players a nostalgic yet fresh gaming experience. With its engaging story, innovative gameplay, and charming retro aesthetics, it’s a must-play for fans of either genre.


Wizorb is a distinctive indie game that marries the mechanics of classic brick-breaking arcade games with the enchantment of fantasy RPGs. Released in 2011, it revitalizes the genre with its innovative gameplay and pixelated charm.


Wizorb: Rebuilding a Kingdom Brick by Brick
Wizorb (2011) is a unique blend of RPG and classic brick-breaking gameplay, set in a world threatened by an evil presence. Here’s a deeper dive into the plot and how these elements intertwine:

A Kingdom in Peril

The story unfolds in the once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo. A dark force has descended, corrupting the land and sapping the life from its inhabitants. The once vibrant towns lie in ruins, and the citizens have either vanished or become twisted parodies of their former selves.

Enter Cyrus, the Last Hope

The sole beacon of hope rests on Cyrus, a brave young apprentice sorcerer. Thrust into the role of savior, Cyrus possesses a powerful magical orb – the Wizorb. This magical tool becomes his primary weapon against the encroaching darkness.

Breakout with a Magical Twist

The core gameplay of Wizorb revolves around a reimagined version of Breakout.Cyrus uses the Wizorb to smash through formations of bricks, much like the classic game. However, this is no ordinary paddle.Cyrus wields magic to manipulate the Wizorb’s trajectory, infusing the brick-breaking with RPG elements.

Strategic Spellcasting

As Cyrus progresses, he learns a variety of spells that enhance his brick-breaking prowess and combat abilities. These spells grant him the power to:

Teleport the Wizorb, allowing him to reach seemingly impossible angles and destroy strategically placed bricks.
Slow down the Wizorb’s movement, offering more precise control for delicate maneuvers.
Unleash powerful blasts of magic to clear large sections of bricks and vanquish enemies hiding behind them.
Rebuilding Gorudo

The brick-breaking serves a dual purpose.Destroying specific bricks unlocks resources and materials needed to rebuild the shattered towns of Gorudo.As Cyrus progresses, he can use these resources to:

Construct new buildings, which attract displaced citizens and revitalize the kingdom.
Upgrade existing structures, granting access to new shops and facilities offering valuable services and equipment.
Restore important landmarks, reminding the people of Gorudo’s past glory and bolstering their morale.
Unveiling the Corruption’s Source

The brick formations aren’t just obstacles; they often act as prisons for captured townsfolk.By strategically breaking the bricks, Cyrus liberates these citizens, restoring them to their former selves.These rescued people become vital to Gorudo’s reconstruction, offering their skills and knowledge to rebuild the kingdom.

Facing the Minions of Darkness

Interspersed with the brick-breaking stages are encounters with monstrous creatures spawned from the encroaching darkness.These mini-bosses and bosses test Cyrus’s combat prowess.He must strategically utilize his spells and any equipment he has acquired to defeat these enemies.

The Path to Salvation

As Cyrus progresses, he uncovers the source of the corruption plaguing Gorudo.The deeper he ventures, the more challenging the brick formations become, requiring his mastery of spells and strategic thinking.He faces increasingly powerful foes, each encounter revealing a piece of the grander plot and the true nature of the evil he fights against.

A Blend of Genres

Wizorb’s unique combination of RPG and brick-breaking gameplay keeps the experience fresh and engaging. Players strategize their brick-breaking to not only clear stages but also gather resources and uncover secrets. Every destroyed brick contributes to the restoration of Gorudo, offering a tangible sense of progress alongside the narrative.

The Weight of Restoration

The act of rebuilding a kingdom adds another layer of depth.Players see the direct impact of their brick-breaking prowess on the lives of the Gorudo people.It isn’t just about clearing stages; it’s about restoring hope and bringing a once-thriving land back from the brink.

A Unique Adventure

Wizorb offers an innovative experience that blends familiar gameplay elements with a compelling narrative.By combining RPG elements with classic brick-breaking, it creates a unique world where strategic spellcasting and resource management are key to saving a kingdom, brick by brick.


Cyrus, the wizard and protagonist, is the main character players control. The game also features various townsfolk of Gorudo, each with their own stories and quests that contribute to the game’s depth.


Wizorb combines brick-breaking gameplay with elements of fantasy RPGs. Players control Cyrus in his orb form, using magical spells to manipulate the orb’s trajectory and power. The game includes levels with destructible environments, boss battles, and side quests that involve interacting with NPCs and upgrading Cyrus’s abilities.


Wizorb is a commendable indie game that successfully blends the excitement of arcade brick-breaking with the intrigue of fantasy RPGs. Its nostalgic appeal, coupled with a modern twist on classic gameplay, makes it a unique and memorable experience.

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