Worms 2 (1997)

by Christopher
3 minutes read


Combining strategic gameplay with whimsical chaos, ‘Worms 2’ stands out as a classic title that continues to entertain players with its timeless formula.


‘Worms 2’ revolutionized the turn-based strategy genre with its engaging mix of strategy, destructible environments, and irreverent humor.


This game pits teams of worms against each other in fully destructible landscapes, with the objective of being the last team standing.


The characters in ‘Worms 2’ are the worms themselves, each customizable in appearance and voice, adding a personal touch to the chaos of battle.


Gameplay involves navigating two-dimensional landscapes to position your worms and select the perfect weapon to take out your opponents.


With its enduring appeal, ‘Worms 2’ remains a beloved entry in the strategy genre, offering a perfect blend of tactical depth and comedic relief.

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