Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman (2010)

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Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman: The Ultimate Guide to the Weirdest, Most Wonderful RPG You’ve Never Played


Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG released in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable. It’s a bizarre and wonderful game that has flown under the radar of many gamers, but it’s one of the most unique and rewarding RPGs you can play.

In Z.H.P., you play as the weakest superhero in the world, tasked with defeating the evil Darkdeath Evilman. To do this, you’ll need to crawl through randomly-generated dungeons, power up your character, and customize everything imaginable, from your stats to your appearance to your secret base.


Z.H.P. is a turn-based dungeon crawler. You’ll explore dungeons from a top-down perspective, fighting enemies, collecting items, and completing quests. The dungeons are randomly generated, so you’ll never play the same one twice.

Your character is incredibly weak at the start of the game. You have low stats, weak equipment, and no special abilities. But as you progress through the game, you’ll level up and become more powerful. You’ll also find new equipment and abilities that will help you in your quest to defeat Darkdeath Evilman.

One of the things that makes Z.H.P. so unique is its customization options. You can customize everything about your character, from their stats to their appearance to their secret base. You can even customize your theme song!

This level of customization allows you to create a character that is truly your own. You can make a character that is powerful, stylish, or just plain weird. The possibilities are endless.


The story of Z.H.P. is simple but effective. You play as the weakest superhero in the world, and you must defeat the evil Darkdeath Evilman. Along the way, you’ll meet a cast of quirky characters who will help you on your quest.

The story is told through a series of cutscenes and dialogue boxes. The dialogue is often funny and heartwarming, and the characters are all very likeable.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Z.H.P. are simple but charming. The dungeons are all unique and visually interesting, and the character designs are top-notch.

The sound in Z.H.P. is also excellent. The music is catchy and memorable, and the sound effects are well-done.


Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is a fantastic RPG that is unlike anything else you’ve ever played. It’s a challenging, rewarding, and hilarious game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, roguelikes, or just plain weird games, then you need to check out Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman. You won’t be disappointed.

Tips for Playing Z.H.P.

Here are a few tips to help you get started in Z.H.P.:

  • Don’t be afraid to die. You will die a lot in Z.H.P., but that’s part of the fun. Each time you die, you’ll learn something new and become stronger.
  • Experiment with different character builds. There are many different ways to build your character in Z.H.P. Experiment with different stats, abilities, and equipment to find what works best for you.
  • Don’t neglect your secret base. Your secret base is your home away from home. You can use it to store items, rest, and train. Make sure to upgrade your secret base regularly.
  • Have fun! Z.H.P. is a game that is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it.

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