“Hot for Words’” Marina Orlova to Appear at E3

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YouTube’s steamiest philologist joins up with ChangYou.com (US) for E3, the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

ChangYou.com (US) announced Marina Orlova as the new spokesmodel for their popular free-to-play MMORPG Dragon Oath. Orlova is scheduled to appear at ChangYou’s E3 booth on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 and will also debut a new video next week featuring the etymology and usage of the gaming word “newbie,” (hint: if you don’t know what it is, you probably are one).

With one great tagline (“Intelligence is sexy,”), two degrees in philology (the study of linguistics and word origins), and over 300 million viewers on YouTube, it’s no surprise that Ms. Orlova has been called the “sexiest philologist in the world,” by New Yorker Magazine, the World’s #1 Sexiest Geek by Wired.com and the 5th hottest woman on the net by G4 TV. She is also the author of Hot for Words, published by HarperCollins last year.

Concerning her partnership with ChangYou, Orlova says, “”I’ve always been a video game fan, and I’m really excited to be working with the Dragon Oath team on one of the most intense and creative games I’ve seen. Of course, with my dog Gorby in the game, I’m looking forward to kicking some serious ass!”

In addition to her adorable Maltese co-host, players of Dragon Oath can look forward to meeting Marina herself in-game during a special event to be announced later this month.

Follow Orlova’s adventures at E3 by visiting us.ChangYou.com‘s live broadcast.

More information on E3 can be found at: www.e3expo.com. Orlova can be found at her website, HotForWords.com. To play Dragon Oath, visit DragonOath.com

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