Naruto X Bleach: Small Small Ninja Game Hitting the PC

by Gamer
1 minutes read

A brand new Naruto and Bleach game coming out. It’s actually not an official game, it’s fan made and it’s called Small Small Ninja! The game features some of your favorite characters from both the world of Naruto and the world of Bleach, but in chibi-fashion.

Created by a Chinese company called DREAM², Small Small Ninja is an online game for the PC and seems like an action/fighter. It seems very exciting and something that has definitley caught interest! In large font, the official web site of the game had 9/25 plastered on it. This is probably date when Small Small Ninja is supposed to open to the public.

While it is owned by a Chinese company, the web site is in Japanese. If you can get access or have access to this game, let us know what it’s really about and how it is!

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