Shape And Change The World With Tibia Summer Update

by Kristina
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Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs worldwide and just released another world changing summer update today. From now on players are able to shape and change their game world in so called “world quests.”

World quests are highly complex missions, which can only be accomplished if dozens or even hundreds of Tibia players cooperate on these tasks. The outcome and success depends on the ability of players to work as a team and the choices they make, i.e. which side or faction they choose to support. All these factors will have an influence on the quest, the results and in many cases even the flora and fauna of the whole game world itself.

“World quests add a lot more depth to the gaming experience.” says Florian Jumah-Eckert, Product Manager at CipSoft and responsible for Tibia. “Tibia is a highly competitive game. Some players and guilds are at war with each other for years. World quests however now encourage them to cooperate once again for a greater goal – at least for a while.”

Players love to have some impact on the game and to make a difference in their world. With the introduction of world quests, players now do have some influence on the shape of the game world they are playing in. Their actions matter.

In addition to world quests, which are mainly designed for higher levelled players Tibia also offers a new quest line for beginners. Right from the start, the new Tibian is now taken by the hand until he enters the more dangerous areas of the Mainland island. The comprehensive quest leads the player through various smaller tasks, introduces different monster types, teaches successful fighting strategies and shows him around the Tibian world in general.

All updated features are available as well in the flash client of Tibia, which has just been released recently and is still in open beta.

Tibia, one of the most established MMORPGs, continues to evolve with exciting updates that captivate its dedicated players. The latest summer update, in particular, has introduced an innovative feature called “world quests,” which allows players to significantly influence the game world they inhabit. This new dynamic is not just about individual achievements but emphasizes the power of player cooperation and collective action.

World quests in Tibia are not simple missions; they are complex challenges that require the collaborative efforts of hundreds of players. The success of these quests depends heavily on strategic teamwork and making critical decisions, such as choosing which faction to support. These decisions will not only affect the immediate outcome of the quest but will also have long-lasting impacts on the game’s environment, potentially altering the flora and fauna of entire regions.

Florian Jumah-Eckert, the Product Manager at CipSoft responsible for Tibia, highlights the significance of these updates: “By introducing world quests, we are adding a new layer of depth to the gaming experience in Tibia. Even though Tibia is known for its competitiveness, with long-standing rivalries and guild wars, these world quests provide a fresh opportunity for players to unite towards a common goal. This cooperation could be temporary, but it’s impactful, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.”

Moreover, the impact of world quests extends beyond high-level gameplay. Tibia has also rolled out a new quest line designed specifically for beginners. This quest line is carefully crafted to guide new players through the early stages of the game, offering a comprehensive introduction to the Tibian world. From facing various monsters to learning effective fighting strategies, beginners are well-prepared before stepping into the more perilous areas of the Mainland island.

The inclusion of these features in the recently released flash client of Tibia, which is still in open beta, ensures that all players, regardless of their level, have access to the latest updates. The flash client not only enhances the gaming experience with improved graphics and smoother gameplay but also makes these immersive world quests more accessible to a broader audience.

Players’ actions in these world quests matter more than ever. Every decision, every alliance formed, and every battle fought can reshape the landscape of the game. This level of player agency is a significant shift from traditional gameplay, where the game world was more static and changes were infrequent.

As Tibia continues to innovate with features like world quests and comprehensive beginner quest lines, it remains a highly competitive game that also values player collaboration and impact. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting, these updates offer fresh challenges and opportunities to leave your mark on the Tibian world.

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