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Tagoria is a free browser-based fantasy roleplaying game. Face dangerous monsters and claim their treasures as your own! Take part in epic battles, fought in honor of the gods! Show the world that the valiant heart of a warrior beats in your chest! Special Features – Quests and Plunderings – Sophisticated Property System – Rare Items (tradeable) – Divine-Favor Feature (Character Buff) – more than 250 different Items – Item Enchantments – Epic Horde Battles & Rituals of Battle – Mercenaries, Assaults, Arena fights – Magic Rune Stones – Item trading on the market – and so much more!


You can play Tagoria free of charge. After you register, you become a warrior in the lands of Tagoria. Your objectives are besting other warriors and, with the help of the gods, becoming one of the most powerful warriors of Tagoria.

You can gain Experience Points by fighting other warriors, plundering, or completing quests. Once you have collected a certain amount of Experience Points, you will reach a new level.

You should also train your properties. Apart from the Training Points you get for reaching new levels, you can also receive additional points in exchange of amber stones. There are many different ways to earn those amber stones, e.g. you can work, complete quests, plunder, trade, or assault other warriors.


“Oh, fragile human creature! Are you certain you are ready to hear the answers to the questions you are asking? Then hear me:

Your dreaming eyes rest upon the lush green lands of Tagoria. Already, long before your inexplicable longing to come here has finally brought you to me, you were a part of it all.

It was a long time ago, before you left to seek your fortune in the cities of far away places. You do not remember, do you? You once lived, worked, and fought here! You once celebrated your victories in the lands of Tagoria! This was before you laid down your bloody axe, swearing to never raise it again.

This is the land where you once confronted the monsters of your darkest nightmares, fighting for your life, your homeland, and your future. And now you come back? What is it that brought you here after so much time has passed? Has your past caught up with you? Are you looking for answers you could not find in the cities you have dwelled in? Then why do you still hesitate? Are you scared to meet your fate? Are you afraid of the truth? Your old cave, who lives there now? And your brothers and sisters, are they still alive? And are you still worthy of joining them? Will they welcome this stranger from a far away place? Or will they reject you and send you into the dark and lonely night to sleep amongst the wild beasts? Can you still be of use to this brotherhood of warriors? Are you still the same brave and ferocious warrior at heart? Someone who makes his own laws and decides over life and death with the strength of his arm?Or have you become a useless coward and a burden to those around you? Is a quick death the best fate can offer you? Are you too afraid to find out? If not, take a deep breath, and enter the lands of Tagoria to find out who you really are! ”

To play Tagoria visit game site: http://www.tagoria.com

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