Top 10 iPad Game of the Year Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

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In 2010, the iPad was still a novel device, but it quickly became a popular platform for some of the most engaging and innovative games of the year. Now, many of these top iPad games from 2010 are also available for iPhone and iPod touch, allowing a wider audience to enjoy them. Here’s a look back at the top 10 iPad games of 2010, which have since made their way to other iOS devices:

  1. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge by LucasArts – A definitive version of the classic adventure game with fully voiced dialogue and touchscreen optimization.
  2. Mirror’s Edge by EA Mobile – A 2.5D parkour game that transitioned beautifully from 3D console gameplay to the iPad’s touchscreen interface.
  3. Plants vs Zombies HD by Popcap Games – The beloved tower defense game with an expanded interface for the iPad, offering a charming and engaging experience.
  4. Osmos by Hemisphere Games – A physics-based indie game where players control an amorphous blob, absorbing smaller blobs to grow.
  5. Zen Bound 2 by Secret Exit – A unique game involving wrapping wooden objects with rope, offering a relaxing and tactile experience.
  6. Chaos Rings by Media.Vision (Square Enix) – An epic role-playing game that feels at home on the iPad with its striking visuals and gameplay.
  7. Labyrinth 2 HD by Illusion Labs – A game that challenges players to tilt a ball around a wooden maze, enhanced by the iPad’s large screen.
  8. Madden NFL 11 by EA Mobile – A sports game that, despite lacking multiplayer, offers innovative gameplay features on the iPad.
  9. Flight Control HD by Firemint – The definitive version of the line-tracing game with more hectic airfields and split-screen multiplayer.
  10. Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials by Mumbo Jumbo – A hidden object game that combines puzzles, a compelling story, and logical object placement.

These games not only stood out for their creativity and gameplay but also for how they utilized the iPad’s larger screen and touch capabilities to offer unique gaming experiences. As they became available for iPhone and iPod touch, they brought the same level of engagement to a smaller screen, ensuring that more players could enjoy these standout titles.

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