4×4 EVO (2000)

by Christopher
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4×4 EVO is an off-road racing game that features real-life vehicles and online multiplayer, receiving mixed reviews for its gameplay and technical aspects.


Introduced in 2000, 4×4 EVO marked a significant entry in the racing game genre, specifically focusing on off-road experiences with real-life pickup trucks and SUVs.


4×4 EVO provides players with an authentic off-road racing experience, featuring vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, and more. The game is heavily based on Terminal Reality’s Monster Truck Madness series but focuses on SUVs.




The game is noted for its realistic racing mechanics, diverse environments, and the implementation of an online multiplayer option that was innovative for its time.

Reception and Critiscism

With a Metacritic score of 73 and user scores around 6.8, 4×4 EVO received mixed to average reviews. Critics praised the game’s vehicle selection and environments but noted issues with physics and performance.


4×4 EVO remains a memorable title for fans of off-road racing, offering a blend of realism and arcade fun despite its mixed critical reception.

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