FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer (2000)

by Christopher
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With its deep roster, realistic animations, and engaging gameplay, FIFA 2001 has cemented its place in the pantheon of classic football video games.


FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer, released in the year 2000, continues EA Sports’ tradition of delivering an immersive and realistic football experience. This iteration comes packed with features aimed at capturing the essence of professional soccer.


The game boasts an impressive roster with over 50 international teams, including powerhouses like England, France, and the United States, and features 17 of the world’s top leagues.


Soccer legends such as Matthaus, Mendieta, and Scholes lend their motion-captured movements to enhance the game’s authenticity, bringing unparalleled realism to player animations.


FIFA 2001 introduces advanced AI, detailed in-game cinematic cutscenes, and a variety of game modes tailored for international tournaments, pushing the boundaries of soccer simulation.


FIFA 2001: Major League Soccer stands as a milestone in sports gaming, offering an experience that appeals to both hardcore football fans and casual gamers alike.

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