Beyond Good & Evil (2003)

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Beyond Good & Evil is an action-adventure game that follows Jade, a photojournalist, as she uncovers a government conspiracy. The game is praised for its engaging story, innovative gameplay, and vibrant world.


Beyond Good & Evil is an acclaimed action-adventure game that blends elements of puzzle-solving and stealth gameplay. The player takes on the role of Jade, a determined photojournalist on a mission to expose the truth.


“Beyond Good & Evil”, released in 2003, is a renowned action-adventure game that captivates players with its unique storyline and immersive gameplay. The game is set on the small island civilization of Hillys.

The game’s plot revolves around the invasion of the Hillyan people by the DomZ, a ruthless alien race. The protagonist of the game is a young woman named Jade, a photojournalist by profession, who lives with her adoptive father Pey’j. They run a lighthouse shelter for children whose parents have been abducted by the DomZ.

The game begins with a DomZ attack on the lighthouse. Jade, despite her efforts, is unable to prevent the abduction of the children. This event sets the stage for Jade’s mission to uncover the truth behind the DomZ and their connection with the Alpha Sections, the military organization that supposedly protects Hillys from the DomZ.

Jade, along with Pey’j and later joined by Double H, an agent from the rebel organization IRIS, embarks on a journey that takes them through various parts of Hillys, including ancient mines, a slaughterhouse, and even the moon. Along the way, Jade uses her camera to document evidence of the conspiracy between the Alpha Sections and the DomZ.

The game’s narrative is filled with twists and turns. One of the major plot twists is the revelation that the Alpha Sections are not the protectors they claim to be. Instead, they have been working with the DomZ, abducting Hillyans and using them to prolong the life of the DomZ leader.

Another shocking revelation is the true identity of Jade. She is discovered to be Shauni, a being whose power is vital to the DomZ leader’s immortality. The game reaches its climax when Jade confronts the DomZ leader in a final showdown, freeing the abducted Hillyans and saving her home.

“Beyond Good & Evil” is more than just a game about an alien invasion. It explores themes of truth, propaganda, and the power of the individual to make a difference. It encourages players to question everything and not accept things at face value.

The game ends on a cliffhanger, with Pey’j’s hand seen infected with a DomZ spore, hinting at a sequel. Despite the game’s initial commercial failure, it has gained a cult following and is praised for its strong characters, engaging storyline, and thought-provoking themes.

“Beyond Good & Evil” is a compelling narrative-driven game that combines action, adventure, and mystery. It takes players on a journey of discovery and rebellion, all while challenging their perceptions of good and evil. It’s a game that leaves a lasting impression and continues to be relevant even years after its release.


Jade (protagonist), Pey’j (Jade’s uncle and sidekick), Double H (a resistance fighter), and various other characters encountered throughout the game.


The gameplay of Beyond Good & Evil involves exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Jade can perform various actions such as running, jumping, and sneaking past enemies. The game also features photography mechanics, where Jade captures evidence to support her investigation.


Beyond Good & Evil is a standout title in the action-adventure genre, offering a compelling narrative, diverse gameplay, and a memorable protagonist. Its unique blend of mechanics and storytelling has secured its place as a beloved classic.

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