Medal of Honor: Infiltrator (2003)

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Medal of Honor: Infiltrator (2003) is a top-down shooter that takes players through the tumultuous battlefields of WWII. Playing as Corporal Jake Murphy, gamers must navigate a series of complex missions with stealth, strategy, and firepower to defeat the Axis powers.


Dive into the heart of WWII with Medal of Honor: Infiltrator, a distinctive mix of action and stealth gameplay. As Corporal Jake Murphy, engage in daring missions across various European battlefields, utilizing stealth, strategy, and firepower to defeat the Axis forces.


“Medal of Honor: Infiltrator” is a top-down third-person shooter video game, the sixth installment in the Medal of Honor series, and the second game for the Game Boy Advance. The game was developed by Netherock Ltd. and published by EA Games in North America in November 2003, and in Europe and Japan in December 2003.

The player takes the role of Corporal Jake Murphy, completing five missions to defeat the Axis in some of the most famous battles in World War II. The game features 15 missions spread across three theaters including 5 missions behind enemy lines. The theaters include North Africa, France, and Norway.

Infiltrator is technically both a third-person shooter with a fixed view and a first-person shooter blended together. The gameplay involves a variety of styles to overcome the enemy, from sabotaging enemy resources to capturing key personnel to all-out firefights.

Through the use of a link cable, Infiltrator supports up to two players. It also features a Nintendo GameCube connectivity option, which connects both the game and the GameCube version of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun using the GameCube – Game Boy Advance Link Cable allowing the Game Boy Advance to be used as an in-game map.

Upon completing all of the missions, the player unlocks Survival Mode, where the objective is to see how long the player can survive and then try to beat their high score. Completing the game with bonus objectives fulfilled unlocks “Max GI Mode” where the player must complete every mission continuously without turning off the game system.

The game received “favorable” reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. IGN’s Craig Harris noted that “the final product is a game well on the other end of the quality spectrum from last year’s dud” and “has a great feel all the way through”. Frank Provo of GameSpot stated that Infiltrator “is a fun handheld game that should please anyone who’s looking for an action game with teeth”.

“Medal of Honor: Infiltrator” is a unique blend of third-person and first-person shooter gameplay, offering a variety of missions and gameplay styles. Its connectivity features and additional game modes provide added replay value, making it a standout title in the Medal of Honor series.


The game primarily revolves around Corporal Jake Murphy, the protagonist, whose skills and determination drive the narrative. While specific enemy characters are not detailed, the Axis forces serve as the antagonistic presence throughout.


Infiltrator combines top-down shooter elements with stealth gameplay. Players navigate through enemy territories, employing a variety of tactics from direct assault to covert infiltration. The game features on-foot missions, vehicular combat, and segments where players must utilize disguises to complete objectives.


Medal of Honor: Infiltrator stands out for its distinctive gameplay style within the WWII genre, offering a blend of action, strategy, and historical warfare. While not without its flaws, it remains a memorable and enjoyable experience for fans of the series and action game enthusiasts alike.

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