Circle of Blood (1996)

by Christopher
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A timeless adventure, Circle of Blood captures the essence of point-and-click games with its engaging story, challenging puzzles, and memorable characters. A must-play for any adventure game enthusiast.


In 1996, the adventure game genre was forever changed with the release of Circle of Blood, a game that combines witty dialogue, captivating storytelling, and challenging puzzles. Set against the backdrop of well-researched historical events, it invites players into a world teeming with danger and mystery.


The game follows George Stobbart, an American tourist in Paris, who witnesses a café bombing, thrusting him into a dangerous investigation of a conspiracy linked to the Knights Templar. Alongside journalist Nicole Collard, George uncovers secrets that span continents and centuries.


George Stobbart, the protagonist, is an everyman with a keen sense of curiosity and justice. Nicole Collard is a resourceful French journalist who becomes George’s companion. The game features a cast of diverse characters, each contributing to the deep narrative and complex puzzles.


Circle of Blood employs a point-and-click interface, allowing players to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and progress through a dialogue-driven story. The game’s innovative inventory system and context-sensitive actions add depth to its puzzle-solving mechanics.


Circle of Blood not only defined the adventure game genre but also left a lasting legacy, leading to several sequels and a devoted fanbase. Its blend of humor, history, and adventure continues to enchant new and old players alike.

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