War Wind (1996)

by Christopher
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War Wind combines strategic gameplay with a rich narrative, allowing players to lead one of four races to dominance on the alien world of Yavain. Its legacy as a strategy classic is undisputed.


War Wind is a seminal RTS game that set the stage for many aspects of modern strategy gaming. Released in 1996, it offers a rich, immersive experience through the eyes of four distinct races.


Set in the ancient alien world of Yavain, War Wind details the struggles and conflicts among four races as they vie for power and survival amidst changing times.


Players can choose from four races: the Tha’Roon, an overlord race; the Obblinox, warriors and laborers; the Eaggra, a race of scholars and farmers; and the Shama’Li, spiritual leaders and healers.


The gameplay involves resource management, strategic combat, and campaign progression. Players must navigate through 28 scenarios, utilizing each race’s unique abilities to achieve victory.


War Wind remains a beloved classic within the RTS genre, offering a unique blend of strategy, storytelling, and gameplay depth that continues to engage players.

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