Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (1998)

by Christopher
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As a pioneering title in real-time tactics, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines set new standards for the genre, combining detailed strategy, character specialization, and WWII espionage in a compelling gameplay experience.


Released in 1998, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines marked a significant evolution in the real-time strategy and tactics genre, offering players control over a small team of specialized units to complete challenging missions behind enemy lines.


The game’s narrative focuses on covert operations against the Axis powers, requiring careful planning, stealth, and execution to succeed. Each commando possesses unique abilities, necessitating teamwork and strategic use of each member’s skills to accomplish mission objectives.


The game features six commandos, including the Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver, and Spy, each offering unique skills vital for mission success.


Gameplay revolves around utilizing each commando’s special abilities to navigate through enemy territory undetected, complete objectives, and escape. It emphasizes stealth, strategy, and resourcefulness, with players often needing to employ creative tactics to overcome obstacles.


Despite its challenges, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines remains a beloved classic, celebrated for its strategic depth, memorable characters, and contribution to the evolution of tactical gaming.

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