Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (2008)

by Ji-yeong
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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel delivers an immersive action RPG experience set against the backdrop of Ancaria’s looming destruction, offering players a deep dive into a world of magic, conflict, and choice.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an action RPG that plunges players into the heart of a world on the verge of chaos. The game is set in Ancaria, a land facing destruction from a mysterious energy source, leading to a grand conflict between Light and Shadow.


“Sacred 2: Fallen Angel” is an action role-playing game, the second in the Sacred video game series. Set in a fantasy world, the game is a prequel that takes place 2,000 years before the events of the original Sacred.

The story revolves around a mysterious and volatile substance known as T-Energy, the source of all life and magic in the world of Ancaria. Originally, the ancient race of Seraphim solely controlled this energy. However, as they lost interest in the world, they transferred some of their control to the High Elves.

With the power of T-Energy, the High Elves quickly ascended to become the dominant race of Ancaria. However, this power led to a struggle within the High Elves themselves. The nobility and clergy each sought to gain control over the T-Energy. This internal conflict provided a distraction that other races sought to exploit, attempting to seize control of the T-Energy themselves.

As these events unfold, the T-Energy spirals increasingly out of control, transforming into a destructive force. It mutates creatures, destroys cities, and renders entire regions uninhabitable. The campaign you choose will determine whether your story involves healing the land or intensifying the chaos.

The game offers two campaign path choices: Light and Shadow. The path you select at the beginning of the game determines the ultimate goal of your character. Throughout the game, the paths intersect at different points. In one path, you may be asked to help defend a town, while in the other, you may be the person attacking the town.

In the world of Ancaria, magic is derived from a power source called “T-Energy”. It is a bright blue fluid that is pumped out of the ground. The Elves constructed a vast network of underground pipes that transport T-Energy all over the planet. Unfortunately, the network has begun breaking down.

The raw magical energy spilling out onto the planet’s surface is causing an ecological catastrophe that threatens to plunge the world into uncontrollable chaos. The hero’s reaction to this crisis depends on whether he/she has chosen the path of Light or Darkness.

The player can choose from six character roles: Seraphim (quasi-angelic being), Inquisitor (evil religious fanatic), Dryad (archer with modest spellcasting capabilities), High Elf (profound spellcasting capabilities), Temple Guardian (Robot that is powered by T-Energy), and Shadow Warrior (sentient, free-willed undead with lots of chop).


The High Elf, Shadow Warrior, Seraphim, Inquisitor, Temple Guardian, Dryad


Features open-world exploration, deep character customization, cooperative multiplayer, and combat both on foot and from horseback.


Despite its flaws, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a deeply engaging and rewarding action RPG experience, marked by its vast world and rich storytelling.

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