Crusader: No Regret (1996)

by Christopher
2 minutes read


Crusader: No Regret offers an action-packed sequel to No Remorse, focusing on the Silencer’s efforts against the WEC on the Moon.


Crusader: No Regret continues the story of the Silencer, blending action and strategy against the backdrop of a dystopian future.


The game’s plot centers around a mining operation on the Moon that is vital to the WEC’s power. The Resistance aims to destabilize this operation and ultimately the WEC.


Main characters include the Silencer, the game’s protagonist, and Chairman Draygan, the antagonist overseeing the lunar mining operation.


The gameplay focuses on action, with the player using a variety of weapons and gadgets to overcome enemies and obstacles.


Crusader: No Regret stands as a high point in action gaming, with its engaging gameplay and compelling narrative.

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