Football Manager 2010 (2009)

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Football Manager 2010: The Ultimate Football Management Simulation

Football Manager 2010 (FM10) is a football manager simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It was released on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and PlayStation Portable on 30 October 2009. It is the first release in the series to be sold under the Football Manager name throughout the world. Previous North American (i.e., United States/Canada) versions were sold as Worldwide Soccer Manager.

FM10 is a highly detailed and realistic football management simulation that allows players to take control of any club in the world. Players can manage all aspects of their club, including:

  • Team selection and tactics
  • Player training and development
  • Transfer negotiations
  • Club finances
  • Stadium management
  • Youth academy development

FM10 also features a number of new features and improvements over previous games in the series, including:

  • A new match engine that provides more realistic and exciting matches.
  • A new player interaction system that allows players to build relationships with their players and staff.
  • A new scouting system that makes it easier to find and sign new players.
  • A new user interface that is more intuitive and easier to use.


FM10 is played from a top-down perspective, with players controlling all aspects of their club from a menu-driven interface. The game’s match engine is responsible for simulating matches, and players can choose to watch matches in 2D or 3D.

Players can control their team’s tactics, formation, and player selection before each match. During matches, players can make substitutions, change tactics, and give instructions to their players.

Off the pitch, players can manage all aspects of their club, including:

  • Training their players to improve their skills and fitness.
  • Negotiating transfers to buy and sell players.
  • Managing the club’s finances to ensure that they are operating profitably.
  • Building and upgrading their stadium to increase capacity and facilities.
  • Developing their youth academy to produce future stars.


FM10 includes a number of features that make it the most realistic and comprehensive football management simulation on the market, including:

  • A massive database of over 500,000 players and staff from over 150 countries. This ensures that players can find the perfect players to fit their team’s needs.
  • A realistic match engine that simulates matches in stunning detail. Players can watch matches in 2D or 3D, and the game’s commentary team provides expert analysis and commentary.
  • A deep and engaging player interaction system. Players can build relationships with their players and staff, and these relationships can have a positive or negative impact on the team’s performance.
  • A comprehensive scouting system that makes it easy to find and sign new players. Players can send scouts to observe players from all over the world, and they can also use the game’s search engine to find players who meet their specific criteria.
  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage all aspects of your club. The game’s menus are well-organized and easy to navigate, and the game’s tutorials provide helpful tips and advice for new players.


FM10 received critical acclaim upon release, with many reviewers praising its realism, depth, and addictiveness. The game was awarded a score of 9/10 by IGN, which called it “the most realistic and comprehensive football management simulation on the market.” GameSpot awarded the game a score of 8.5/10, saying that it “offers a deep and rewarding experience for football fans.”

FM10 was also a commercial success, selling over 1 million copies worldwide. The game was particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where it was the best-selling PC game of 2009.


FM10 is considered to be one of the best football management simulations ever made. The game’s realism, depth, and addictiveness have made it a favorite among fans of the genre. FM10 has also been credited with helping to popularize football management simulations around the world.

The Football Manager series has continued to grow in popularity since the release of FM10. The latest game in the series, Football Manager 2023, was released in November 2022 and has been met with critical acclaim. The Football Manager series is now one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, with over 15 million copies sold worldwide.

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