Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)

by Nish
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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn brings a new chapter to the beloved series, blending classic RPG elements with modern enhancements. It’s a journey of discovery, legacy, and the enduring power of friendship and courage.


Welcome to the detailed exploration of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the third installment in the celebrated Golden Sun series. Released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS, this role-playing game continues the saga with a mix of adventure, strategy, and enchanting graphics.


“Golden Sun: Dark Dawn” is set in the land of Weyard, where alchemy is a source of power. Through the efforts of the protagonists in the previous games, the seal that contained the power of alchemy at Mount Aleph was broken at the end of The Lost Age. The Golden Sun effect returned Alchemy to the world of Weyard, causing the continents to grow in size and expand.

The game follows Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis on their journey across Weyard in its modern state. Matthew is Isaac’s son, Tyrell is Garet’s son, and Karis is Ivan’s daughter. They pick up many traveling companions throughout their journey.

The story begins with Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis sent on a journey to obtain the feather of a roc to fix a device that Tyrell broke. The game picks up 30 years after the end of The Lost Age. The protagonists begin to solve the mysteries that their parents created when they unleashed the power of Alchemy 30 years ago.

The Golden Sun has caused mass destruction and heralded a new age of unrest and military maneuvers. The Warriors of Vale, the eight Adepts that set the Golden Sun event off, have been the subject of great controversy across Weyard. Some praise them for having saved the world, while others resent them and blame them as having effectively “destroyed” the world by letting loose a force that is now out of control.

The game utilizes gameplay elements pioneered by its predecessors, primarily the use of magic called “Psynergy” to defeat enemies and discover new locations, help local populations, and find elemental djinn which can augment the player’s powers. The game’s resident form of magic spells, Psynergy, is required to use different Psynergy spells to overcome obstacles.


Matthew, the Earth Adept and son of the previous protagonist, Isaac; Tyrell, a fiery Mars Adept; Karis, a Jupiter Adept with control over wind; and several other allies they meet along their journey, each bringing unique abilities and backstories to the adventure.


Gameplay combines traditional turn-based combat with a unique Djinn system that allows players to summon elemental spirits for powerful attacks. Exploration is key, with puzzles that utilize the characters’ psynergy abilities to interact with the environment.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn stands as a testament to the series’ enduring charm. With its rich world-building, strategic combat, and intricate puzzles, it offers both newcomers and fans a compelling adventure.

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