Medal of Honor (2010)

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Challenges players to embody Tier 1 Operators, offering a compelling blend of story-driven missions and combat.


‘Medal of Honor’ (2010) rejuvenates the acclaimed series by focusing on the gritty realism and elite operatives of modern warfare, transporting players to the treacherous terrains of Afghanistan.


In the heart-pounding game “Medal of Honor (2010)”, you’re thrown into the chaos of post-9/11 warfare. You start as part of Neptune, a squad of elite DEVGRU operators, meeting with an Afghan informant amidst the uncertainty of war. But it’s a trap! Chechen gunmen attack, leading to a thrilling escape and a revelation – the Taliban forces are stronger than anticipated.

Next, you’re tasked with securing Bagram Airfield alongside Afghan National Army soldiers. Despite the successful mission, tension rises between the cautious Colonel Drucker and the impatient General Flagg, leading to a hasty deployment of the 10th Mountain Division, the 101st Airborne Division, and US Army Rangers.

You then step into the boots of Deuce, a Delta operator, scouting enemy positions on ATVs. But a miscommunication leads to friendly fire on ANA and US forces, escalating the conflict further.

As Army Ranger Specialist Dante Adams, you’re sent into the Shah-i-Kot valley. After a Chinook is shot down, you’re ambushed and pinned down by a heavy force. Just when all hope seems lost, Apache gunships swoop in, decimating the insurgents and extracting the Rangers.

The game continues with missions involving AFOs Wolfpack and Neptune, weakening enemy forces throughout the Valley. But when Neptune is outmatched and calls for extraction, not everyone makes it to the helicopter. As the Chinook lifts off under heavy fire, leaving two SEALs behind, the game leaves you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating the next move. It’s a rollercoaster ride of action, strategy, and survival, truly capturing the intensity of modern warfare.


Players embody highly skilled Tier 1 Operators, executing precise military tactics.


A first-person shooter that combines intense combat with strategic mission planning.


Stands as a significant entry in the military FPS genre, bringing the series into the modern era of warfare.

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