Kururin Paradise (2002)

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Kururin Paradise builds on its predecessor’s innovative puzzle mechanics, offering a challenging and engaging gameplay experience centered around navigating a spinning robot through complex levels. With new features and obstacles, it stands as a testament to the creativity and depth possible in handheld gaming.


Kururin Paradise expands the unique and beloved puzzle gameplay of the Kururin franchise, delivering an engaging and challenging experience on the Game Boy Advance. This sequel introduces new mechanics and obstacles, requiring precise control and strategic planning to navigate through increasingly complex levels.


Kururin Paradise: A Whirling Adventure to Find Family
Kururin Paradise (2002), the sequel to the charming Game Boy Advance title Kuru Kuru Kururin, takes our little hero on another spin-tastic adventure. This time, the ever-rotating Kururin finds himself in a predicament after a trip to the carnival goes awry.

A Family Lost in the Fun

The story unfolds in Kururin Village, where a sense of peace has settled after the events of the previous game. However, this tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a group of flamboyant magicians promising a spectacular live show. Kururin’s family, along with Professor Hare, are swept up in the excitement and head off to witness the magic firsthand. Unfortunately, Kururin, being his usual sleepy self, oversleeps the event.

Upon waking and realizing his family’s absence, Kururin rushes to the carnival grounds. But to his horror, the place is deserted. No family, no magical show, just an unsettling emptiness. Determined to find his loved ones, Kururin embarks on a thrilling journey with his trusty helicopter, the Heririn.

Mastering the Art of the Spin

The Heririn, much like Kururin himself, is constantly spinning. Players control this unique helicopter by maneuvering it through a series of intricate levels. Just like its predecessor, Kururin Paradise is a test of precision and reflexes. Bumping into obstacles takes away from Kururin’s limited health, forcing a restart from the beginning of the level. Luckily, strategically placed springs dot the levels, offering opportunities to change the Heririn’s rotation and avoid collisions.

A World of Exploration and Hidden Secrets

Kururin Paradise expands on the original’s formula by introducing a more open-ended world map. Players navigate this map, choosing their path and tackling levels in a non-linear fashion. This adds a layer of exploration as hidden keys can be found within levels. These keys unlock additional paths, leading to new areas and even boss encounters.

Boss Battles: More Than Just Spinning

Boss battles in Kururin Paradise are a delightful twist.Instead of being standard combat encounters, they transform into engaging minigames. Players take on challenges that test their skills in different ways, like mowing a lawn with the Heririn, collecting scattered stars, or guiding Kururin himself through a maze of fluffy clouds. Defeating these unique bosses adds them to a minigame library, allowing players to revisit the challenges for fun or to show off their skills to friends in a multiplayer mode – all using just one cartridge!

Paradise Found, Family Reunited

As Kururin navigates the vibrant landscapes and conquers the quirky boss battles, he slowly unravels the mystery behind the missing family. The story, though lighthearted and presented mainly through charming character expressions, keeps players engaged as they progress. Ultimately, Kururin’s unwavering determination and piloting prowess lead him to reunite with his loved ones, bringing a heartwarming conclusion to the adventure.

Beyond the Basics

Kururin Paradise boasts several improvements over its predecessor. The graphics are more detailed, showcasing a variety of colorful environments. Power-ups add a touch of strategic depth, allowing players to temporarily boost their speed or gain temporary invincibility. The soundtrack is upbeat and whimsical, perfectly complementing the game’s lighthearted atmosphere.

A Lasting Appeal

Kururin Paradise, with its innovative spinning gameplay, charming story, and engaging minigames, offers a unique and delightful experience for puzzle and platformer enthusiasts. While the game remains a Japan-exclusive title, its charm and addictive gameplay continue to resonate with fans around the world, making it a hidden gem in the Game Boy Advance library.


The main character is the player-controlled spinning robot, navigating through a variety of levels filled with obstacles, springs, and hazards designed to test the player’s precision and timing.


Gameplay focuses on avoiding collisions while maneuvering the spinning stick through levels filled with obstacles. Strategic use of springs and speed control is essential for navigating tight spaces and avoiding hazards.


Despite its niche appeal and the language barrier, Kururin Paradise remains a gem in the Game Boy Advance’s library, offering a unique puzzle experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

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