LocoRoco 2 (2008)

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LocoRoco 2 is a puzzle-platformer game that combines music, rhythm, and adorable characters to create a unique and delightful gaming experience. Its vibrant world and catchy soundtrack make it a standout title on the PSP.


LocoRoco 2 is the delightful sequel to the beloved puzzle-platformer game, LocoRoco. Set in a vibrant and whimsical world, the game follows the LocoRoco as they embark on a musical journey to save their planet from the menacing Moja creatures.


LocoRoco 2, developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is a delightful platform puzzle game that was released for the PSP handheld game console in 2008. It is the sequel to the 2006’s LocoRoco.

The game begins with the LocoRoco, adorable round creatures, settling back into their peaceful life after successfully defeating the Moja Corps. However, Bon Mucho, the Moja Boss, is not willing to accept defeat. He devises a terrible song that can suck the life force out of living things, launching a new attack on the LocoRoco.

Armed with this fearsome song, the Moja board their meteorite and set off once more on a mission to conquer the LocoRoco planet. Meanwhile, the LocoRoco stumble upon the new MuiMui house. Just then, the meteor comes crashing down onto a Nyokki, and the Mojas start their invasion again. They begin sucking the life force out of living things and, as usual, eating LocoRoco.

The LocoRoco then set off on an even more epic journey to restore the life force into all living creatures and defeat the Moja Corps. This journey takes them through various locations, including the flower garden (Franzea), the big mountain (Perculoka), the ice mountain (Shamplin), the tropical island (Tropuca), the land of stars (Chapo-Wahr), the dark, spooky land (Dolangomeri), the sunny/rhythmic land (CaloCaro), the jungle/ancient ruins (Jaojab), the large tree (Yamboona Tree), and the fungus-forest (Kelapton).

LocoRoco 2 introduces many new features from its previous game, including the ability to swim underwater, squeeze through crevices, and gain many new abilities. The player controls the planet, using the shoulder buttons to tilt the world to maneuver the LocoRoco. The single large LocoRoco can be separated by pressing the circle button or through specific points on the level, while individual LocoRoco can merge back into a single being by holding down the circle button.

New characters in the game include Bonmucho’s mother, Majolinè, the BuiBui (who were MuiMui, but got kissed by Majolinè, turning them evil and have a red color to distinguish themselves from the MuiMui), Viole, a new purple LocoRoco, and an old lady named Galanmar.

LocoRoco 2 is a game that beautifully encapsulates the themes of resilience, unity, and harmony. It’s a testament to the power of unity and the indomitable spirit of the LocoRoco in the face of adversity. The game’s vibrant visuals, charming characters, and engaging gameplay make it a memorable experience for players of all ages.


LocoRoco (various colors), the Moja, and new characters introduced in this sequel


LocoRoco 2 is played by tilting the environment to move the LocoRoco, pressing buttons to make them jump, and using their singing abilities to interact with the world. The game’s physics-based puzzles require creativity and rhythm to solve.


LocoRoco 2 is a joyful and captivating game that builds on the success of its predecessor. With its adorable characters, engaging puzzles, and memorable music, it’s a game that brings a smile to your face and a song to your heart.

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