Medal of Honor: Vanguard (2007)

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Medal of Honor: Vanguard transports players to the front lines of WWII, delivering a powerful narrative intertwined with solid first-person shooter gameplay. As Sgt. Frank Keegan, players experience the courage and challenges of the 82nd Airborne Division in a tribute to military history.


Medal of Honor: Vanguard offers a gripping portrayal of WWII airborne operations through the eyes of Sgt. Frank Keegan. This title blends historical accuracy with engaging first-person shooter gameplay to recount the valor of airborne divisions in the European theater.


“Medal of Honor: Vanguard” is a first-person shooter video game, the tenth installment in the Medal of Honor series. The game was developed by EA Los Angeles and Budcat Creations and released for the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

The game’s protagonist is Cpl/Sgt. Frank Keegan, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, and 17th Airborne Division, fighting the Axis forces of Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy. The game’s plot is set during World War II and takes players through several key operations.

The first mission takes place in 1943 during Operation Husky. Cpl. Keegan is in a C-47 aircraft somewhere off the coast of Sicily when the airborne force he is assigned to is suddenly attacked by US Navy ships, believing the Allied planes to be German. Barely reaching the coast, the plane is ripped in half and Keegan and several other soldiers are thrown out. He manages to deploy his parachute and make it to the ground, where he meets up with his squad leader, MSgt. John Magnuson. They fight through the small coastal town against moderate opposition from Italian forces. The next morning the paratroopers fend off an enemy counterattack before clearing the main square and the rest of the town. Once through the town, they make their way to a nearby coastal bunker which houses several large cannons that threaten any Allied ships that come near. They blow the bunker open with explosives and shoot their way in, killing all of the German forces inside, before blowing up the cannons, finally safeguarding the Allied invasion force.

In the second mission, Keegan is part of a glider unit landed as part of Operation Neptune during the invasion of Normandy. The glider crashes hard during the landing and Keegan and the only other surviving soldier, Cpl. Garrett, move towards the rallying point, an old church near the edge of town, encountering large numbers of German troops along the way. Along the way they find two other members of their squad, Pfc. Pike and Pfc. Chalmers, who had parachuted into Normandy. Upon arriving, they find Sgt. Magnuson dangling from the church rafters, having landed there during the drop. Keegan manages to cut him down just as the Germans launch a counter-attack on the now trapped soldiers. They manage to fight off the German assault, but as he is opening a door leading out of the church, Keegan is knocked out by a German hiding on the other side. Waking up a short time later, Keegan and his squad then proceed to blow up several key bridges across the Normandy landscape, crosses one of the many flooded swamplands dotting Normandy, cut down several paratroopers stranded in trees, and finally locate bazooka components which Keegan assembles and uses to destroy a halftrack blocking their advance to the last bridge.

The game’s plot is a thrilling journey through some of the most significant operations of World War II, providing players with an immersive experience of the challenges faced by paratroopers during the war. The game’s detailed plot, combined with its first-person shooter gameplay, makes “Medal of Honor: Vanguard” a memorable installment in the Medal of Honor series.


The protagonist, Sgt. Frank Keegan, is characterized by his bravery and leadership. As players guide Keegan through missions, they encounter both Allied soldiers and Axis adversaries, each adding depth and authenticity to the WWII setting.


Gameplay focuses on first-person shooter mechanics, emphasizing tactical movement, cover-based shooting, and the strategic use of a diverse arsenal of WWII-era weapons. The game’s immersive experience is enhanced by squad-based dynamics and realistic mission objectives.


While not without its flaws, Medal of Honor: Vanguard captures the essence of WWII airborne operations with respect and dedication. It stands as a testament to the bravery of the soldiers it depicts, offering players a meaningful glimpse into history.

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