Metroid Fusion (2002)

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Metroid Fusion is a critical entry in the Metroid series, expanding the lore and gameplay with the introduction of the X parasite and new abilities for Samus. Its mix of exploration, combat, and storytelling set a high standard for handheld gaming, solidifying its place as a classic.


Metroid Fusion introduces players to a new chapter in the saga of Samus Aran, the iconic bounty hunter. Following the events of Super Metroid, Samus faces a deadly new threat that forces her to undergo a drastic transformation, merging her DNA with that of a Metroid. This installment not only advances the story of the Metroid series but also evolves its gameplay, delivering a unique experience on the Game Boy Advance.


“Metroid Fusion” is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2002. The game follows the story of the bounty hunter Samus Aran, who investigates a space station infected with shapeshifting parasites known as X.

The game begins several years after the destruction of the planet Zebes. Samus Aran finds herself back on the surface of planet SR388. The Federation has hired Biological Space Labs (BSL) to investigate the planet, and collect biological samples that can tell how the ecosystem is doing without the Metroids on top of the food chain.

During a routine collection trip, Samus defends herself against a native creature. Upon dying, the creature suddenly reforms into an amoeba-like creature that she has never seen before. It quickly infiltrates her suit. Seeing no immediate harm in this, Samus returns to her ship in order to return to the BSL research ship that is orbiting SR388.

But during her flight, something unexpected happens: she suddenly feels sick and loses consciousness. Her ship starts to drift away into an asteroid belt. Luckily, the ship automatically jettisons Samus’ body in an auto-escape pod before it crashes.

The scientist from the research ship retrieve the pod and bring Samus to Galactic Federation HQ, where they establish that the infectious life form, dubbed the X parasite, has rapidly multiplied and is infecting her central nervous system. Samus is in a deep coma, while the parasites have also spread to the biological parts of her Power Suit.

The suit has become so fused with her body that the scientist have to surgically remove parts of it. The removed parts, as well as several life forms that have been captured on SR388, are sent for further study to an enormous BSL research station that is also in orbit around SR388.

Nevertheless, as nothing can be done against the infection in her nervous system, Samus is given a minimal chance of survival. One of the scientists suddenly thinks of a desperate measure: if Metroids are so deadly, then perhaps Metroid cells are able to defeat the X on a cellular level.

Fortunately, some cells of the infant Metroid that was spared by Samus in Metroid II: Return of Samus/Metroid: Samus Returns have been preserved, which are used to create a vaccine.

Despite being almost equally matched, Samus has the benefit of years of battle experience, and succeeds in weakening her rival, to the point where it mutates into a grotesque monstrosity, which Samus finally defeats.

“Metroid Fusion” is a game that combines action, adventure, and puzzle-solving in a unique and engaging way. The game’s plot is rich and immersive, drawing players into the world of Samus Aran and her fight against the X parasites. The game’s success led to its re-release on several platforms and the release of a sequel, “Metroid Dread”, in 2021.


Samus Aran, SA-X, Adam Malkovich (AI), X Parasites, Various bosses and creatures infected by the X parasite


Metroid Fusion maintains the series’ core of exploration and action, introducing new abilities for Samus through the absorption of X parasites. The game emphasizes puzzle-solving, combat, and navigation through the BSL station’s interconnected areas, all while upgrading Samus’ suit and arsenal.


Metroid Fusion stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Metroid series, offering a deep and engaging adventure that pushes the boundaries of the Game Boy Advance. Its story, gameplay, and aesthetic merge to create an unforgettable experience, making it a highlight of the series and a defining game of its generation.

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