Sacrifice (2000)

by Christopher
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Sacrifice (2000) is an innovative real-time strategy game known for its unique gameplay, storytelling, and all-star voice cast. Players choose a god to support, influencing the game’s direction and ending.


Sacrifice is a pioneering real-time strategy game that blends action, strategy, and an engrossing narrative in a fantasy setting.


After leaving his war-torn homeworld, a wizard arrives in a new land where five gods vie for his allegiance, leading to a sprawling campaign with multiple endings.


The game features characters voiced by an all-star cast, representing the gods and their followers, each with their own stories and motives.


Sacrifice’s gameplay is notable for its real-time strategy elements, combined with direct character control, set in a fully 3D environment.


Sacrifice is a timeless classic, offering a unique blend of strategy and story, revered for its innovative gameplay and narrative depth.

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