Soul Sacrifice (2013)

by Ji-yeong
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Soul Sacrifice: A Brutal and Unforgiving Action RPG

Released in 2013 for the PlayStation Vita, Soul Sacrifice is an action RPG that delivers a brutal and unforgiving combat experience. Every decision has consequences, and the player’s choices will ultimately determine the fate of the world.


The story of Soul Sacrifice follows the journey of a nameless protagonist who is enslaved by a powerful and cruel sorcerer named Magusar. Magusar absorbs human sacrifices to remain immortal, and the protagonist is next on his list. However, just before the protagonist is sacrificed, a talking book appears before them. The book, named Librom, is a collection of stories that describe past fights between monsters and the powerful sorcerer. The player character is able to enter the book’s world and experience the fights in events known as Phantom Quests, thereby gaining the experience and power needed to defeat Magusar.


Soul Sacrifice is an action RPG that features fast-paced and brutal combat. The player character can use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies, and must carefully consider their choices in order to survive. Each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the player must choose the right weapon for the job.

In addition to weapons, the player character can also use a variety of spells and abilities. Spells can be used to heal allies, damage enemies, or buff the player character’s stats. Abilities are special moves that can be used to deal massive damage or control the battlefield.

One of the unique features of Soul Sacrifice is the sacrifice system. When the player character defeats an enemy, they can choose to sacrifice it to gain new abilities. Sacrifices can grant the player character new weapons, spells, or abilities. However, sacrificing enemies also has a dark side. Each sacrifice darkens the player character’s soul, and if they sacrifice too many enemies, they will eventually become a monster themselves.


The player character is a silent protagonist, and their appearance and gender are never revealed. However, the player character’s personality and motivations are developed through their interactions with other characters.

Librom is a talking book that serves as the player character’s guide and mentor. Librom is a wise and powerful being, but he is also enigmatic and mysterious.

Magusar is the main antagonist of Soul Sacrifice. He is a powerful and cruel sorcerer who absorbs human sacrifices to remain immortal. Magusar is a complex and tragic character, and his motivations are not always clear.


Soul Sacrifice explores a number of dark and mature themes, such as sacrifice, morality, and the nature of good and evil. The game asks the player to question their own choices and to consider the consequences of their actions.


Soul Sacrifice received generally positive reviews from critics. The game was praised for its unique and innovative gameplay, its dark and mature story, and its beautiful visuals. However, the game was also criticized for its high difficulty level and its repetitive mission structure.


Soul Sacrifice is a brutal and unforgiving action RPG that delivers a unique and challenging experience. The game’s dark and mature story, its innovative gameplay, and its beautiful visuals make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

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