Tales of Graces (2009)

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Tales of Graces captivates with its deep narrative, innovative combat, and emotional journey, making it a standout title in the action RPG genre and a beloved entry in the Tales series.


Explore the world of Ephinea in Tales of Graces, an action RPG that weaves a tale of friendship, mystery, and conflict. Follow Asbel Lhant’s journey from a carefree childhood to a responsible adult, driven by the mysterious reappearance of a childhood friend.


Tales of Graces, released in 2009, takes players on an emotional rollercoaster through the vibrant world of Ephinea.Divided into three warring nations – Windor, Strahta, and Fendel – Ephinea relies on a vital energy source called Eleth to sustain itself.Our story begins in Lhant, a peaceful village nestled within Windor, where three childhood friends – Asbel Lhant, his brother Hubert, and Cheria Barnes – forge an unbreakable bond.

Their idyllic life takes a dramatic turn when they encounter Sophie, a mysterious amnesiac girl who falls from the sky.The group welcomes Sophie with open arms, and on the same day, their world is further shaken by the arrival of Prince Richard of Windor.Richard quickly bonds with the four, inviting them to his castle through a hidden passage.However, this act of camaraderie takes a horrifying turn as the group is ambushed by a monstrous entity.Mortally wounded, their fate seems sealed until Sophie makes a selfless sacrifice, channeling a mysterious power that saves them but seemingly extinguishes her own life.

Seven years later, Asbel, now a young man burdened by the past, embarks on a knightly training regimen.One fateful day, he encounters a familiar face – Sophie, miraculously alive but still with no memory of her past.Driven by a desire to help Sophie regain her memories and a lingering sense of guilt, Asbel sets out on a journey with Sophie, vowing to uncover the truth.

Their quest quickly gains momentum when they reunite with Cheria, now a seasoned knight.As they delve deeper into the mystery, they are joined by Hubert, who harbors resentment towards Asbel for not preventing Sophie’s initial sacrifice.The group encounters various allies, including Malik Caesar, a skilled swordsman with a hidden past, and Pascal, a mischievous young inventor.Together, they navigate the political landscape of Ephinea, witnessing the growing tension between the nations.

As the journey unfolds, the truth behind Sophie’s origins and abilities becomes more apparent.She is revealed to be an amnesiac Lambda, an artificial being created to maintain balance in Ephinea by controlling the flow of Eleth.However, a malevolent force seeks to manipulate the flow of Eleth for its own gain, leading to monstrous outbreaks and political unrest.

The central antagonist is revealed to be Vanessa, a power-hungry noblewoman who seeks to control the flow of Eleth and ultimately rule Ephinea.She orchestrates events that pit Asbel’s group against the opposing nations, fueling the conflict and manipulating public opinion.Asbel and his companions find themselves caught in the crossfire, forced to fight not only monstrous entities but also navigate the political minefield created by Vanessa’s machinations.

Throughout their adventure, Asbel grapples with the weight of Sophie’s sacrifice and the guilt he carries.He strives to protect her while uncovering the truth about her past.Sophie, in turn, develops strong bonds with her companions, her unwavering optimism serving as a constant source of strength for the group.The narrative explores themes of friendship, trust, and overcoming loss.Asbel learns to forgive himself and move forward, cherishing the memories of Sophie’s initial sacrifice while focusing on protecting her present self.

The climax of the story sees Asbel and his companions confronting Vanessa and her monstrous army.A fierce battle ensues, testing their skills and resolve.Through teamwork and unwavering determination, they overcome the odds, exposing Vanessa’s treachery and restoring balance to the flow of Eleth.

However, the victory comes at a cost.As a Lambda, Sophie is destined to merge with the core that controls Eleth, effectively sacrificing herself to maintain Ephinea’s equilibrium.The ending is bittersweet, with Asbel and his companions accepting Sophie’s fate while cherishing the memories they created together.

The game features an additional chapter titled “Lineage and Legacies,” serving as an epilogue to the main story.Several years after the events of the main narrative, Ephinea faces a new threat – a surge in monstrous activity.Asbel reunites with his companions to investigate the cause, leading them to uncover a shocking truth.

The source of the monstrous outbreak is linked to Fodra, another core that once balanced Eleth alongside the one Sophie merged with.Having been neglected and abused by humans, Fodra’s core has become sentient and seeks revenge.Asbel and his companions face a crucial decision – destroy the core and potentially disrupt the flow of Eleth or find another solution.

In a final act of heroism, the group chooses a path of redemption.They defeat Fodra’s guardians and convince the core to relinquish its hatred.


The game features a rich cast, including Asbel Lhant, the dedicated and compassionate protagonist; Sophie, the mysterious girl with no memories of her past; and a diverse group of allies each with their own motivations and backstories, contributing to the game’s dynamic narrative.


Tales of Graces offers an engaging ‘Style Shift Linear Motion Battle System’, allowing real-time combat with the ability to switch fighting styles. The game also includes a deep crafting system, character customization through the title system, and the exploration of the vast world of Ephinea.


Tales of Graces stands as a testament to the ‘Tales of’ series’ ability to blend compelling storytelling with innovative gameplay. Despite its flaws, it offers a memorable journey through its heartfelt story and engaging combat mechanics.

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