Tekken 2 (1995)

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Tekken 2, released in 1995, is the second game in the Tekken series. It introduced new characters and gameplay mechanics, and was a commercial success.


Welcome to the world of Tekken 2, a fighting game that set new standards in the genre and captivated gamers worldwide.


Tekken 2: A Descent into Darkness and a Father’s Revenge
Tekken 2, released in 1995, continues the brutal fighting tournament saga established in the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. This sequel delves deeper into the twisted Mishima family history, raising the stakes with a power struggle fueled by vengeance and a demonic inheritance.

Two Years of Tyranny

The game picks up two years after the events of the first tournament. Kazuya Mishima, having defeated his father Heihachi, has seized control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, a powerful conglomerate. Under Kazuya’s ruthless leadership, the Zaibatsu becomes embroiled in illegal activities, including arms dealing, genetic experimentation, and wildlife trafficking. This corruption sparks outrage and fuels a desire for revenge, particularly in Heihachi.

A Tournament Fueled by Hatred

Undeterred by his defeat, Heihachi survives the fall he endured at the hands of his son. Consumed by vengeance and a desire to reclaim his power, Heihachi secretly orchestrates the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. He offers a staggering prize – a sum a thousand times greater than the first tournament – to lure unsuspecting fighters and, more importantly, Kazuya himself.

A Diverse Roster of Challengers

News of the exorbitant prize money attracts a global cast of warriors, each with their own motivations. Returning characters like Paul Phoenix seek a rematch with Kazuya, while newcomers like Lei Wulong, an Interpol officer determined to dismantle the Zaibatsu’s illegal activities, join the fray. The diverse roster adds depth to the story, showcasing the far-reaching consequences of the Mishima conflict.

A Devil Within

Kazuya, unaware of his father’s involvement, participates in the tournament. However, his victory in the first tournament has awakened a dormant Devil Gene within him, a demonic inheritance passed down through the Mishima bloodline. This dark power grants him immense strength but slowly corrupts him. As the tournament progresses, Kazuya’s humanity wanes, replaced by a growing arrogance and a thirst for destruction.

Unexpected Alliances and Hidden Agendas

The story takes a surprising turn when Kazuya’s adopted brother, Lee Chaolan, is revealed to be working for him. However, Lee’s allegiance is not out of loyalty. He harbors his own grudge against Heihachi and sees this as an opportunity to manipulate the situation for his own gain.Meanwhile, Nina Williams, a skilled assassin hired by an unknown party, enters the tournament with her own hidden agenda, adding another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

A Father’s Fury

Heihachi, fueled by vengeance, battles his way through the tournament, eliminating opponents with a renewed sense of purpose. He overpowers Lee Chaolan, exposing his betrayal, and continues his relentless pursuit of Kazuya. Finally, in a dramatic showdown, Heihachi confronts his son in the final round.

The Ties That Bind (and Break): Familial Conflict

The final battle between Kazuya and Heihachi is not just a fight for power, but a clash of ideologies and a desperate struggle for dominance within the Mishima family. Heihachi, driven by vengeance, seeks to destroy his corrupted son and reclaim his place as leader of the Zaibatsu. Kazuya, consumed by the Devil Gene, embraces his dark power and seeks ultimate control.

A Twist of Fate and an Uncertain Future

Despite his rage, Heihachi is defeated by Kazuya. However, in a moment of unexpected mercy, or perhaps a twisted sense of control, Kazuya throws Heihachi off the same cliff from which he was once thrown. This act of violence leaves the fate of Heihachi unknown and sets the stage for the ongoing conflict that will continue to plague the Mishima family in future Tekken games.

Beyond the Tournament: A Story of Legacy

While the core narrative focuses on the second King of Iron Fist Tournament, Tekken 2 also delves into the characters’ backstories through unlockable character endings. These endings provide additional context for the fighters’ motivations and hint at future events. The game’s story paves the way for the exploration of themes like family legacy, the corrupting influence of power, and the struggle between humanity and inner demons – themes that would become central to the Tekken series.

Tekken 2 is more than just a fighting game. It’s a captivating story of betrayal, revenge, and the dark consequences of unchecked ambition. It established the Mishima blood feud as the central narrative thread of the Tekken series, leaving players eager to see the next chapter in this epic saga.


The game features 25 playable characters, including all characters from the original Tekken (with the exception of Jack, who is replaced by Jack-2) and eight new characters.


Tekken 2 introduces new mechanics such as throws, escapes, and ground fighting. The game also features a new ‘sidestep’ move, which allows players to step into or out of the background.


Tekken 2 stands as a landmark title in the fighting game genre. With its deep gameplay mechanics, large character roster, and impressive graphics, it remains a favorite among fans of the series.

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