Worms Reloaded (2010)

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Worms Reloaded revitalizes the classic strategy series with new content and updated graphics, offering both nostalgia and fresh challenges for new and returning players.


A decade after Worms Armageddon, Worms Reloaded revitalizes the series with updated graphics and new gameplay elements, continuing the turn-based comic mayhem.


“Worms Reloaded” is a 2D artillery turn-based tactics video game developed by Team17, part of the Worms series. Released on Microsoft Windows via Steam on August 26, 2010, “Reloaded” is a port of “Worms 2: Armageddon”, a sequel to the 2007 Worms console port.

The gameplay of “Worms Reloaded” is turn-based, with players commanding a team of up to four worms. During each turn, players control only one worm from their teams. The standard gameplay’s objective is to eliminate all enemy worms and be the last team standing. There is also a “race” mode where the objective is to reach the end point in less time.

When “Artillery” mode is not enabled, worms can move across the landscape. Movement is primarily accomplished through crawling and jumping, but items such as the jet pack and ninja rope can enable much faster travel and access to more terrain. The player has a preset amount of time to move or attack with the worm before the turn ends (5 to 90 seconds). Once the player uses a weapon, the “escape” timer starts, giving up to five seconds to move the worm to a safe position before the turn ends.

“Reloaded” features a wide variety of weapons, some based on real weapons and others imaginary. Some weapons fire in straight line, such as the shotgun, but many such as grenades and bazooka shells follow curved trajectories (from gravity and wind) and can attack distant targets behind obstacles. Several animal weapons such as the sheep and ferrets will move along the landscape and then explode. There are also several “air strike”-type weapons which are dropped from the sky towards the intended target. A worm can be killed in two ways, either by having its health reduced to zero or by falling into the water below the landscape and drowning. Weapons, utilities (such as jet packs and blowtorches), and health kits can be randomly airdropped into the level if selected as part of the game scheme.

As seen in previous Worms titles, customization stands as a prominent aspect of Worms Reloaded. Players can create their own teams of Worms, choosing the names of the teams and naming each of the team’s four worms. Each team also selects a voice set, victory dance, grave marker, skin color, and wearable hats, among other features. Many of the voice sets are classics from previous titles. Players can also modify or create multiplayer game schemes, which define the gameplay rules and available weapons during matches. For example, the turn length can be adjusted, and the players can choose what objects may randomly spawn on the landscape. Additionally, “Reloaded” allows players to define the starting inventory of every weapon, and how long before that weapon becomes available for use.

“Worms Reloaded” is a game of strategy and tactics, where players command a team of worms to eliminate their enemies. With a variety of weapons and utilities at their disposal, players must navigate the landscape and strategically plan their attacks. The game’s customization features add a layer of personalization, allowing players to create their own teams and define their own rules. Whether you’re a fan of the Worms series or new to the game, “Worms Reloaded” offers a unique and engaging gaming experience.


The game features teams of worms, each with customizable names and appearances. While not individual characters in a narrative sense, these worms are the central figures of the game’s action and humor.


Players take turns controlling teams of worms on 2D maps. Gameplay involves using a variety of weapons and tools to eliminate opposing teams. New features include updated graphics, more weapons, custom landscapes, and enhanced multiplayer options.


Worms Reloaded successfully brings the series into the modern gaming landscape with significant updates while retaining the core gameplay that fans love.

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