Mafia Wars 2 Released! Play Now On Facebook

by Gamer
2 minutes read

Play Mafia Wars 2, the definitive social crime game from Zynga. Rise up and get revenge in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas.

Social gaming company Zynga’s newest game, Mafia Wars 2, is now available to play on Facebook. It is the first official sequel to a Zynga game and was built by the same team that created Mafia Wars. It combines some elements from its predecessor with those from some other Zynga games.

Story goes like this: You are released from prison after 5 years and are immediately challenged by your crime boss to control some new turf that has opened up. However, you’re soon betrayed and must take revenge to seize back your assets.

There are more than 300 types of weapons, armor and vehicles at launch and you’ll have more than 600 pieces of clothing which you can use to customize your character.


• Build a vast criminal empire and rule Vegas.
• Battle in Player vs Player arenas and see who’s the most ruthless.
• Uncover the dirty secrets that control the Vegas underworld.

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